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Welcome to Wikifoundry "previously known as Wetpaint" packs site. Here is a list of all active wolf roleplays in our community. There may be some other RPG's listed and if interested, you may check them out. If you have a pack feel free to advertise here. Do make sure you add a banner and do not repeat your site. Thanks.

Sites won't be displayed until they've reached 5 incoming hits. Ensure your wolf roleplay is active or the site will be deleted. Next rank reset: Next month. IMPORTANT: Make sure all of your sites say .wikifoundry and not .wetpaint or else the site will not be redirected. I repeat, the site will not be redirected. Change your url to your pack.wikifoundry.com

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Site Of the Moment:
Apocalyptic Return

The disease seven eighteen MAX is back, killing people, only they won't stay dead. Who will you be? Human, vampire, or werewolf?

Rank Site In Out
w r a t h
76 15

new human rp check us out.
57 78

Inverno is a new semi-realistic wolf RPG. Based upon the book - Promise of the wolves. | Open and now accepting members and affiliates! |
Golden Coyotl Tribe
40 20

Set in Mexico. GCT is a unique & different all canine rpg that's been est. since July 10th 2010
| Canine | All level of RP | Semi-Fantasy |
26 38

A semi-realistic and non-raiding RP, now revamped! Winter is coming, and so are we. Illusions, now in a voting site near you.
25 12

A brand new all canine-human rpg based in an apocalyptic world with a interesting plot line and changing sub-plot as well as a currency system and zombies! Now accepting joiners!
Sworn to Oath
17 22

Sworn to oath, following a God believed to be the first ever Alpha in history. Do you dare to join us?
14 88

Sneak peek for now.
Ruins of Ithua
14 39
Semi-Realistic | Wolf RP | Paragraph | Family Oriented
12 31

You're told they're nothing but stories, or imaginations, but to tell you the truth... There's monsters under your bed.
Literate | Paragraph | Supernatural RP | Rated M | Active
Coldbloods Reborn
11 3

After four long years of sitting,we have risen up out of the ashes and are taking charge now.Accepting all styles of RP'ers,from beginners to advanced...Speed to Para,doesn't matter,all are welc
10 5

The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.
Night Ferals
10 10

Semi-Realistic wolf RP.Accepting all levels and all styles of RP'ers.Questions or comments,contact Vegalupa on chatango.Thank you.
10 11

Its a Basic Wolf Role Play Site. We are a family basic . If you are looking for a a home please contact Nova at Minoring on Chatango.
10 15

This is a Semi-Realistic, All Canine RPG. Brought back but this time with a twist within the plot! || Now open!! Accepting both members and affiliates!
Alpine Summit
9 2

Family orientated | Unique | Accepting | Spreading a new bloodline
Apocalyptic Return
9 3

The disease seven eighteen MAX is back, killing people, only they won't stay dead. Who will you be? Human, vampire, or werewolf?
Royal Essence
9 10

You've become one with the Royals.
Open & Accepting!
Unforgettable Integrity
7 2

Two sisters, one war, life and death situations, the outcasts against the royalty. Are you in?

*Now updated!*
7 1

Wolf|rp|semi-realistic|Para|Never Closing
Come join and see for yourself what we are.
Twisted Revelations
6 5

Speed | Strategy | Spying | Service
Here, the lines between right and wrong become blurred.
Message x0crossroads0x or SilencingSeptember for more information.
6 7

post-apocalyptic human rp (twist not included)
B l i s s
5 0

Bliss is back! After much success in 2013, Bliss is opening its doors once more!
Dual Century
5 0

Werewolf | Roleplay
5 2

"We were but petty humans, until a drug called serpent enriched our lives."
Avalon is the place we call home, but it hasn't always been. Join us through the snake's bite and walk with the fae.
Your site here

This site is not a competition. This site's purpose is to advertise wikifoundry wolf roleplay sites. So, once again it's not a competition and the ranking order does not determine which pack is the "best."

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