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Welcome to Wikifoundry "previously known as Wetpaint" packs site. Here is a list of all active wolf roleplays in our community. There may be some other RPG's listed and if interested, you may check them out. If you have a pack feel free to advertise here. Do make sure you add a banner and do not repeat your site. Thanks.

Sites won't be displayed until they've reached 5 incoming hits. Ensure your wolf roleplay is active or the site will be deleted. Next rank reset: Next month. IMPORTANT: Make sure all of your sites say .wikifoundry and not .wetpaint or else the site will not be redirected. I repeat, the site will not be redirected. Change your url to your pack.wikifoundry.com

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Site Of the Moment:
Fragmented Reality

Reborn and rennovated, come join the family today!

Rank Site In Out
w r a t h
1447 576

new human rp check us out.
South Winds Reconciled
1380 428

Join the restoration of one of the most respected and feared packs ever to tread this Earth. Together we will rise, and again we shall conquer.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
577 403

We are family.
One Red Thread
541 605

We are now accepting members again!! Contact HouseOfGrey or FearTheLiving for more information!
455 370

Semi-Realistic | All Canine RPG | Unique monthly plots | Active | Now Accepting! |
400 349

A semi-realistic lion pride that's always accepting members! Contact QuietQuiet on Chatango for questions.
Desolate Souls
331 429

Deep within the forests of Romania, the wolves of Desolate Souls struggle to prepare for winter's arrival.
Contact NeckBites, or GrimBones on chatango for more information.
Avaricious & Notorious
286 314

Human RPG & currently accepting. Talk to Seizure @ Chatango.
270 152

A fantasy and Post Apocalyptic Role-Play which takes place within the outskirts of quarantined San Francisco, California. Visit us for detailed information.
The Yukon
263 675

Bringing back an era of roleplay long forgotten.
Savage Tenacity
236 291

Savage Tenacity is back. Open as of July 1st, accepting all roleplay styles.
Twisted Revelations
212 217

Speed | Strategy | Spying
Here, the lines between right and wrong become blurred.
Message x0crossroads0x or SilencingSeptember for more information.
Persistent Memories.
209 154

A new Unique shifter roleplay. Take a look by yourself.
Conscience Focus
189 303

Literate | Active | Realistic | Family based | 2011
Conscience Focus is a military based wolf role play, hidden deep in the Utah mountains. Here, wolves march to a different drum than other packs.
167 193

It's the beginning of the end.
Come check us out for more information.
Scarlet Moon Bloods
164 114

Over three years old without ever suffering any closings or comebacks, Scarlet Moon Bloods is a semi-realistic, loosely plot based wolf RPG. Come join the legend. Recently added adoptables.
Dog's Paradise
128 304

Weed's reign over Ohu is strong. After defeating Hougen, they are back to recruiting for Ohu army. Will you lend your strength?
Dry Creek
126 346

Dry Creek, originally established in 2009, is back. Open and accepting. Lead by original creator, DuskPeak.
Fading Light
124 244

Reborn | Active | Speed | Accepting
Northern Rebellion
105 249

We are now open and accepting members come and check us out!
101 208

Come run with the hellions and rebelious children of Redemption
Defied Insanity
74 264

Defied Insanity is reborn to supply you with another semi-realistic, paragraph only wolf role-play. Check it out.
God's Bait
66 113

One of the first true human open world roleplays on wikifoundry/wetpaint makes its return! Venture into the world of Bahlmorea, where the threat of darkness is rising behind an evil king.
d e l i r u s
61 194

Anime RP at an Insane Asylum

For more info and joining contact
54 324

Family Oriented | Paragraph Based | Friendly | New | Semi-Realistic

This site is not a competition. This site's purpose is to advertise wikifoundry wolf roleplay sites. So, once again it's not a competition and the ranking order does not determine which pack is the "best."
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