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Welcome to Wikifoundry "previously known as Wetpaint" packs site. Here is a list of all active wolf roleplays in our community. Any other RP other than Wolf will be removed from this site.

Sites won't be displayed until they've reached 5 incoming hits. Ensure your wolf roleplay is active or the site will be deleted. Next rank reset: Next month. IMPORTANT: Make sure all of your sites say .wikifoundry and not .wetpaint or else the site will not be redirected. I repeat, the site will not be redirected. Change your url to your pack.wikifoundry.com

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Site Of the Moment:
Running Evolved

Running Evolved is the results of two packs merging into one.We are a friendly all canine site that welcomes everybody.

Rank Site In Out
313 208

A domestic dog & wolf RPG. Semi-realistic. Native's v European's.
Come join the family!
Scarlet Moon Bloods
79 93

Born in early 2011, Scarlet Moon Bloods has never closed or gone on hiatus. This strong bloodline is here to stay. Are you?
62 206

Welcome to 1640's Canada. 
[ human rp, no fcs, open-world survival ]
59 128

Semi-realistic plot based RP set in Iceland. We offer a chill family-oriented atmosphere. Join today!
41 146

Humans, canines, and werewolves... oh my!
If you had two choices, become a guardian or burn in hell, what would you choose?
Shifter Role-play | Contact @tartarusabyss via chaango
Running Evolved
40 74

Running Evolved is the results of two packs merging into one.We are a friendly all canine site that welcomes everybody.
Redemption: The Outcasts
34 78

Alive since December 13,2013
Which side will you fight with.
Nefarious Dynasty
32 176

Realistic I Bloodline I Plot I Speed Optional

Dare to join the family of the accursed BloodBayne
31 59

"The scariest monsters lurk within our souls" - - Dark anime role play
[demons, humans & the SDS]
28 222

Speed & Para | Point System | Literate
Aeronwy is a survival horror wolf rpg that prides itself in its friendly community. With a unique plot and dedicated staff, there will never be a dull day!
Rhode Island
24 117

Centuries after the time of humans, the forest has moved right in middle of town - Rhode Island.
Explore and claim your territory at your pace.
Accepting Leads | Plot-Driven | New & old rpers
22 107

Check out our informative page! See if you're lucky enough to be recruited into our exclusive pack. Speed|Para|Skilled|Veterans| (previously known as True Satans/Legacy
A Long Way Home
22 77

Find your place in the land where souls go to die
Semi-realistic Canine RP // Plot-driven // Casual
Contact T0UGH on Chatango for more.
17 63

Opening Apr 23rd | Wolf rp | Come join the pack! || Contact Fliska or Negan via chatango @ Foreverdetermined or Beesly!"
17 46
In search of experienced RPers in these categories: shifter/vampire, human, superhero/villain, and feline rp. Contact Shuttingdown via Chatango for more information!
Salvaged Souls
16 134

Semi-realistic, family oriented. If you enjoy competition in RP, Salvaged Souls is not for you. Enter this place of redemption, and become a Salvaged Soul.
6 59

darkest night | contact @ garbage
6 157

mild fantasy, medieval human rp
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This site is not a competition. This site's purpose is to advertise wikifoundry wolf roleplay sites. So, once again it's not a competition and the ranking order does not determine which pack is the "best."

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