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Welcome to Wikifoundry "previously known as Wetpaint" packs site. Here is a list of all active wolf roleplays in our community. Any other RP other than Wolf will be removed from this site.

Sites won't be displayed until they've reached 5 incoming hits. Ensure your wolf roleplay is active or the site will be deleted. Next rank reset: Next month. IMPORTANT: Make sure all of your sites say .wikifoundry and not .wetpaint or else the site will not be redirected. I repeat, the site will not be redirected. Change your url to your pack.wikifoundry.com

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Site Of the Moment:
Rising Suns RPG

Wolf Roleplay set in the 1860's.

Rank Site In Out
Nefarious Dynasty
75 56

Para I Speed I Missions I Plot
The return of the Thanatos wolves has come. Are you prepared to trade your sanity for family?
Rising Suns RPG
73 201

Wolf Roleplay set in the 1860's.
67 87

We are open to joiners yet again!
Please send any questions to Bandits & Bloodshed on chatango!
51 28

Bermuda|Survival|Wolf|Halloween layout is now up!
Chasing Glory
42 74

Chasing Glory is a plot based rp. REVAMPED!!!!!! Check us out today! OPEN. Aces @ chatango for questions!
27 38

Check out our informative page! See if you're lucky enough to be recruited into our exclusive pack. Speed|Para|Skilled|Veterans| (previously known as True Satans/Legacy
23 39

Charcoal is a Quest and Plot based RP. Any questions can be directed towards o0insidethefog0o on Chatango. Pre-joiners and Editors interested also contact Fog.
22 18

Based on the Naughty Dog game The Last of Us. We are the remnants of mankind. Will you survive? NOW OPEN!
19 100

A new twist to the supernatural world. Check us out to learn more. Contact Taesthetic on chatango with questions.
15 78

Speed - Paragraph - Thread | A continuation of The Moonfighters and The Flaming wolf RPGs (est. 2010) | Under Construction
Scarlet Moon Bloods
14 17

Born in early 2011, Scarlet Moon Bloods has never closed or gone on hiatus. This strong bloodline is here to stay. Are you?
9 31

new ! | thread and chat | open & updated
9 30

Semi-Realistic Wolf RP. Contact Savagerous or Thisniggahere on Chatango for more information.
Running Evolved
8 9

Running Evolved is the results of two packs merging into one.We are a friendly all canine site that welcomes everybody.
W i n t e r b o u r n e ;
8 8

Winterbourne is a newbie-friendly, story-based wolf RPG. Engage in quests with your packmates to progress in the world of Avalar! Come check us out!
6 16

human shapeshifter rp, dedicated to protecting surrounding wildlife, woven with dramatic plots meant to question everything around you and why you're here.
contact brokenear, YMSS, or savagerous
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This site is not a competition. This site's purpose is to advertise wikifoundry wolf roleplay sites. So, once again it's not a competition and the ranking order does not determine which pack is the "best."

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