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Site Of the Moment:

The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.

Rank Site In Out
143 255

we are the bones of the forest. we are the beasts of the land.
Protocol X
132 136

An all-canine military themed RP with an exciting overall plot and interesting sub plots. Para RP! PM QuietQuiet or V1ntage on Chatango for more information.
122 129

L e t u m
100 93

In a world of Chaos, Destruction and Death we wage our own war
[ Kill or be Killed ]
Mature // Semi-Fantasy // Paragraph
c l a w s
94 121

all canine (no exceptions) - post apocalyptic - loosely tied to AMC's The Walking Dead
you can roleplay as a zombie dog!
wheelsupin30 via chatango for more info!
- B e l i e v e -
63 213

"We all need to Believe in something."
Now open to all levels of joiners / Check us out to know more
62 53

The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.
58 28

Opened 5/30/15 Sidereal is a wolf role play based on astrology. Tight knit, only eight members per pack including leads. ACCEPTING.
57 102

An all new Lion King rp. Accepting pre-enrollers. Want to know more? Come to our join site.
To Conquer
56 78

Conquer is back. A human and shifter RP originally created in December 2013. Contact graphikk or kkaebsongg on chatango if you're interested in joining.
Archaic Sages
56 98

Offering a revolutionary new approach to role-play. How realistic Wolf RP should be! Speed|Para|Skilled|Veterans| We are a force to be reckoned with. Take that into consideration.
Neustria Sanctuary
55 50

Enter the world of Sonera.
Fantasy | Humanoid | Plot-Orientated | Family-Based|Original|Running for 3 years+|
Join us!All are welcome. Any questions? Contact Synestra
Scarlet Moon Bloods
49 26

Over four years old without ever suffering any closings or comebacks, Scarlet Moon Bloods is a semi-realistic, loosely plot based wolf RPG. Join a real legend.
No Mans Land
45 148

Canine RPG set in the fantasy world of Niivada. After two years of editing, we're finally back - Come and see for yourself!
The Plagued
43 68
Zombie apocalypse role-play with shifting plots, point and shop systems, sub-/character plots, role-playable dogs, welcoming staff, and so much more!
Mankind: Going Home
36 34

After three months of a successful run, Mankind will be closed until the Fall due to a site revamp.
Twisted Revelations
36 78

Speed | Strategy | Spying
It's time to add a little Twist to roleplay.
Contact th1rteenr3asons for more information
The Red Wolves
34 155

We have always been based on inclusion; if you don't fit in anywhere else, you can fit in here.
brokenear @ chatango.
Step By Step
31 32

A much needed rehabilitation barn has just opened in Canada, not only does it help cure horses, but it allows people from all over the world to come learn the art of working towards a better understan
Winter Skies
27 119

Come see for yourself.
Dismal Compulsion
27 60

Closed until July. Revamp in progress. Contact ThisNiggaHere or WolvenSociety via Chatango.
Gypsy's Run
25 29

Paragraph-based, all-canine rp. All are welcome to join our family unit.
24 147

An Assassins Creed Unity, semi-realistic wolf rp. Accepting pre-joiners, message Bound1ess via chatango for more information.
24 237

Semi-Realistic Wolf Roleplay - Wish to Join?
Golden Coyotl Tribe
20 29

Set in Mexico. GCT is a unique & different all canine rpg that's been est. since July 10th 2010
| Canine | All level of RP | Semi-Fantasy |

This site is not a competition. This site's purpose is to advertise wikifoundry wolf roleplay sites. So, once again it's not a competition and the ranking order does not determine which pack is the "best."
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