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Welcome to Wikifoundry "previously known as Wetpaint" packs site. Here is a list of all active wolf roleplays in our community. There may be some other RPG's listed and if interested, you may check them out. If you have a pack feel free to advertise here. Do make sure you add a banner and do not repeat your site. Thanks.

Sites won't be displayed until they've reached 5 incoming hits. Ensure your wolf roleplay is active or the site will be deleted. Next rank reset: Next month. IMPORTANT: Make sure all of your sites say .wikifoundry and not .wetpaint or else the site will not be redirected. I repeat, the site will not be redirected. Change your url to your pack.wikifoundry.com

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Site Of the Moment:
Forgotten Crusaders RPG

Because of dissolving borders, shrinking resources and death etched into the jaws of a looming army, attention has shifted from the West's most Wanted.

Rank Site In Out
Aspen Peak
396 515

Focused on speed, paragraph, and plot-based roleplay, Aspen Peak is a newly created pack with an active member base and a family-oriented style. Come check us out!
w r a t h
343 184

new human rp check us out.
304 122

Paragraph based, Anime. Will you join humankinds struggle to get back the world they once knew? Or will you help to destroy it forever? | D A R K A L
261 158

Set in an apocalyptic world surrounded by flesh eating zombies, a human and their faithful canine battle against all odds in a literate Human-Canine rpg! Come check us out!
237 537

Take a look. Or don't.
197 339

A semi-realistic wolf rpg group that is devoted to making a change for the better.
Of Crossed Daggers
187 293

a brand new human rp semi-inspired by skyrim
U n i f i e d || T y r a n n y
151 384

Join Unified Tyranny. Semi-Realistic Peaceful Wolf RPG. Looking for people interested in roleplaying alphas pups, and joining as adoptable adults.
142 197

Set within the Eastern Region. An escape for animals.

| All Animal RPG | Now Accepting | Contact; Hollowgast or Thylacinus on Chatango |
Raiiveske Clan
112 179

Looking for something entirely different? Check us out. [recruitment site only - not based on wikifoundry]
Fleeting Harmony Restored
112 182

Semi-realistic wolf role-play that is building its own community while demonstrating what it means to be apart of a family. "I feel at home here. It's the only pack that I do." As a member has said
Twisted Revelations
110 181

Speed | Manipulation | Spying
Here, the lines between right and wrong become blurred.
What, did you think we were really gone?
Safe Haven
84 135

A Human/Horse/Canine Ranch Rehabilitation RP set in Colorado Paragraph Plot Based Roleplay Now accepting Felines!
a d o e t t e
84 401

A new and unique thread wolf role play!
80 142

Wolf|Semi-realistic|Parap-Semi para|
All levels of rp accepted come see for yourself.
63 213
Unforgettable Insanity is closed. Sorry but, I'm not going to spend my time on making a site and nobody notices it.
57 241
Not open as of yet.
Bear Valley
57 176

A new, uprising plot-based Paragraph/Thread role-play. Come see for yourself.
Coldbloods Reborn
57 52

After four long years of sitting,we have risen up out of the ashes and are taking charge now.Accepting all styles of RP'ers,from beginners to advanced...Speed to Para,doesn't matter,all are welc
Night Ferals
56 46

Semi-Realistic wolf RP.Accepting all levels and all styles of RP'ers.Questions or comments,contact Vegalupa on chatango.Thank you.
55 289

Semi-Realistic | Literate | Wolf RP
52 296

Human RPG // Wikifoundry based // No witty comment needed, come and see us for yourself.
50 182

North is a semi-realistic fantasy type roleplay. Para. Currently undergoing edits. Contact DiaVonnex if you have questions.
46 26

What do you see in the mirror, child?
The Violet Hour
46 236

A wolf rpg site based on the military, related to CF come and check us out!

This site is not a competition. This site's purpose is to advertise wikifoundry wolf roleplay sites. So, once again it's not a competition and the ranking order does not determine which pack is the "best."
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